About Us

Any service, anytime, anywhere.

Taskrilla is Ontario’s leading home service marketplace offering homeowners one of the fastest ways to connect with and hire certified contractors. Taskrilla lets you clear up your schedule, add more hours to your day and lets you get more done without the hassles of shopping around, scheduling and handling all of the details. With Taskrilla, just find a contractor that suits your needs and book through our easy to use online platform. When you choose Taskrilla, you are leaving more time for what really matters in your day.

Located in Ottawa, ON, Taskrilla offers a wide range of categories for local home and business owners. From home, event and wedding services, to mobile health and wellness services, business services and more, Taskrilla is the missing link between you and professional, local contractors. We act as an all-inclusive booking agent, personal researcher and business marketer to ensure our customers’ needs are met and their expectations exceeded every time they visit our site.


As a consumer, you have a lot of questions when hiring a contractor. Are they insured? Do they have experience? Are they ethical in dealing with the customer? Are they dependable and professional? Taskrilla answers all of these questions and more and lets you book a contractor right from our web or mobile site.


If you are a local contractor, your business is important to you. You want to ensure that you are getting paid on time, you have enough customers, your business gets the exposure it needs and that you are keeping up with the current trends in your industry. Taskrilla can help and our team of business professionals have the knowledge and experience your business needs to succeed. Contact Us today to learn more.